Greetings, my name is Daniel. I am a local and history student here in Bonn. Some time ago I studied in Ireland where I enjoyed a lot travelling around the countryside and especially doing Free Walking Tours.

Back in Bonn I had an idea: Why not share the fun I had and do tours in Bonn myself?

This is where I started to combine my enthusiasmn about history with the experiences I made abroad. The concept: an alternative city tour!

Local guides with passion for history show you the city in a relaxed atmosphere. We do not throw dates or specific terms at you without even explaining what they actually mean. We want you to have fun!

You can come to our tours whenever you want and there is no fix price. We just show you around and tell interesting stories of historical places and happenings. In the end you decide how much the tour was worth to you! Great Musicians, which-hunts, politics, or fun facts – feel free to join us to discover the great stories told in the small city of Bonn!


Bonn has more interesting things to offer than one might reach by foot in one tour. We are offering you a personal bus tour in an original VW-bus from 1966 through the South-End and the old government district in Bonn. You will hear stories about Bonn as a bishop´s residence, as a capitol and as a conference city today while showing you the nice and hidden parts of our lovely town.

Reserve your seat now and pay in cash at the meeting point!


Meeting Point: In front of the Rathaus on the Marktplatz at 12:00

For further questions call us on +49174 5429938

Main language will be English on the tours, except all the guest speak German. Then we will provide a German tour of course.

Guest article by Daniel Friesen